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police units responded and searched the area without success. he is described as a hispanic male, twenty to 30 years old red baseball cap, blue jeans a white or light t-shirt with yellow stripes. the mother told police that the suspect smelled of motor oil. thousand, we talked to the folks off camera and the little girl is actually uninjured and now recovering. san jose police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in san jose, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. >>> we are also following developing news in san jose where a broken streetlight may have been a factor in a crash involving a truck and two children on their bicycles. sky 7hd was on the scene moments after the east gate avenue. the children were both taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. the truck driver cooperated with police and was not charged. >>> in oakland tonight the city is getting closer to high level help to fight violent crime. the first step was taken toward hiring a police consult at the present time with a -- consultant with a big time resume. alan wang is live with a mar
at l.a.x. it applies to united because it is the only airline with 787's in its fleet. an emergency landing in western japan convinced japan's two largest airlines to ground their dreamliners, and as a result tokyo-pound -- tokyo-bound passengers hillary schedule their flights. boeing stock dropped 2% in after hour trading. >>> chasing mavericks. the contest is set, but when will the waves arrive? >> and from the high wire to the unemployment line. cirque de soleil is making some changes. >> and the world's first moisturizing genes. what they do and how much they cost. >> also on jimmy kimmle live. >> tonight music from philip philips and rey romano is here, right? ray? >> i am here and you are there. >> we are both here. >> i am here and you are there. easy. >> he got that. "jimmy kimmle alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've
fortunate person in my burn unit. >> my goodness. well she plans to use her ordeal to talk to people on how to operate propane gas grills safely. >>> stanford football fans are celebrating the tomb's first rose bowl vic -- the team's first rose bowl victory in years. they were cheering on the cardinals from the patio sports bar and grill. mike shumann has more from the rose bowl in pasadena. >> they call her the grand daddy of them all, and rightfully so in this the 99th version of the rose bowl pitting stanford and wisconsin. these fans have different opinions about their schools and tailgating. >> brain yaks versus boozers. >> nerds against curds. that's how we are looking at it. >> they have crackers and we have sausage and beer. >> more sophisticated. better fans. >> and the striped pants. we don't want any of that. >> the stripes is actually, they have been going to badger games since 1940. >> is this what they wear when they pick up trash in wisconsin? >> if it gets a victory, then yes. >> this is wisconsin's third straight rose bowl, but they lost the last two, while stanford hasn't
of the first pictures to be placed on milk cartons. a new cold case unit started reviewing the file. a man named kelly lived in the house back then but has since died. this neighbor knew kelly and his roommate. >> never thought they would do something like this, never. they never showed it. they were calm. >> police said the bones found today appear to be from an animal. >> it is a preliminary assessment made right there. they are still going to do an analysis on the bone. >> it has dredge -- dredged up memories for those who remember the search. >> i remember how this little boy looked in his school uniform and how i was shocked coming from europe and moving over here and a child disappeared in front of my door particularly. -- practice particularly. >> the current residents of the home have nothing to do with the home. i spoke with kevin's brother, steven and he said the family is cautious about getting their hopes up because they were let down so many times before. in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. >>> abc7 news reporter vic lee first broke this story this afternoon
in san francisco. >> it is a special victims unit. michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer and is cooperative regarding investigation. >> police are still putting together details in this investigation and are yet to determine if they will hand the case over to the district attorney. for fans who are gearing up for a sunday showdown in atlanta, this allegation is surprising. >> obviously it is news to me at this point. so it is a bit of a shock. >> i don't understand why these guys who have it so good are such big in the news right now, why they would do something, why he would do something that could potentially hurt not only himself and his family, but his team. >> as a fan i am going to -- right now it sounds fake. >> this evening we have made efforts to contact michael crabtree and his representatives. all of our phone calls and e-mails that we have made in those efforts have not yet been returned. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. we will have more on this story ahead in sports. you can always get updates at and on twitter a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5